Scheduled Events

Scheduled Screenings


02.11-Eugene-OR-University of Oregon-Film Screening

02.23-Easthampton, MA-Emily Williston Library-Virtual Film Screening

03.16-Easthampton, MA-Emily Williston Library-Virtual Film Screening

03.22-Los Angeles, CA-Mount Saint Mary’s University- Screening & Director Q&A

04.02-Hudson, NY-Bard College-Film Screening (Q&A with Director)

04.07-Kassel, Germany-Decolonizing Gender Studies Conference


11.12-Vienna, Austria-Austrian Film Museum Virtual Screening and Talk

02.06-Cambridge, MA- Harvard University Women’s Suffrage Movie Series


02.15-London, UK- Bernie Grant Arts Centre Black History Month Event

05.07-Marseilles, France- La Dar Lamifa with Une Quinzaine Des Féminismes

06.18-Berlin, Germany -Be’Kech Anticafe Pan-African Voices (Q&A with Director)

09.19-Montreal, Canada-Dawson College Peace Week (Q&A with Director)

11.29-Berlin, Germany –Afropolitan Berlin (Q&A with Director)


02.01-San Francisco, CA-California Institute of Integral Studies

02.03-New Haven, CT-Yale University

04.30-Millersville, PA-Millersville University (Q&A with Director)

05.11-Poznan, Poland-Berlin District Studio Grant “Decolonizing 68′” (Q&A with Director)

05.24-Marseille, France-Equitable Cafe Feminist Quinzaine (!French Premiere!)

06.08-Frankfurt, Germany-University of Munich and University of Tübingen

07.11-Berlin, Germany-Savvy Contemporary (Q&A with Director)

09.14-Groningen, Germany-University of Groningen (Q&A with Director)

10.16-Rotterdam, Netherlands-Erasmus University (Q&A with Director)

10.17-The Hague, Netherlands-Erasmus University ISS (Q&A with Director)

10.17-Innsbruck, Austria-University of Innsbruck


02/08-Boulder, CO-University of Colorado 

02/21- New Haven, CT-Yale University (Q&A with Director)

02/22-Tucson, AZ-University of Arizona 

03/01-Northfield, MN-St. Olaf University

03/07-Champaign, IL-University of Illinois “Reel Feminism”

03/14-Syracuse, NY-ArtRage Gallery  (Discussion with Prof. Patricia E. Clark)

03/16-Vancouver, BC-University of British Columbia (Panel Discussion)

03/25-Los Angeles, CA-Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

TBD-Munich, Germany-Daneben Arts Collective

11/17-Oxford, UK – Oxford University’s TORCH Race & Resistance Programme


01/06-12-Brazzaville, Congo-Tazama Film Festival (Q&A with Director)

01/21-Gainesville, Florida-University of Florida (Q&A with Director)

02/10-Boston, MA-Northeastern University

03/02-Baltimore, MD-John Hopkins University (Q&A with Director)

03/08-Berlin, Germany-Berlin Feminist Film Week

03/29-Portland, OR-Portland State University

04/07-Nashville, TN-Vanderbilt University (Q&A with Director)

04/08-Bloomington, Indiana-Black Film Center Archives @ Indiana State University

04/20-Pittsburgh, PA-Carnegie Mellon University

10/26-Sheffield, UK-Sheffield Hallam University: Living Histories-An Audience with Dr. Altheia Jones-Lecointe


09/26-Northampton, MA-Smith College (Q&A with Director)


10/11-Malmo, Sweden-Equality for Afro-Swedes and Pan-African movement for Justice Seminar

9/23-27-Montreal, Canada-Montreal Black Film Festival

8/20-Boston, MA-National Organization for Women, Boston Chapter

8/10-Atlanta, GA-Pan African Film Festival

5/7-11-Berlin, Germany-Black International Cinema Berlin Film Festival

4/26-Eugene, OR-University of Oregon (Q&A with Director)

4/18-Gothenburg, Sweden-Feministist Filmkvall Festival

4/10-Brooklyn, NY- N+1 Magazine (Q&A with Director)

3/31-New Orleans, LA-Black Think Tank

3/26-29-Madison, WI-White Privilege Conference

3/19-23-Stockholm, Sweden- CinemAfrica Film Festical (Q&A with Director)

3/14-Wilmington, DE-National Conference of Black Political Scientists (Q&A with Director)

3/13-Wilmington, DE-University of Delaware (Q&A with Director)

3/9-Washington, D.C.-Busboys and Poets, Sponsored by the National Congress of Black Women (Q&A with Director)

3/7-Newark, NJ-Salubrious Justice Women’s History Month Film Festival (Q&A with Director)

2/20-Champaign-IL-Women’s Resource Center at Urbana Champaign

2/16-Los Angeles, CA-Pan African Film Festival (Q&A with Director)

2/12-Brooklyn, NY-Brooklyn Public Library (Q&A with Director)

1/30-Flint, MI-University of Flint, Michigan (Q&A with Director)


12/3-New York, NY-International African Diaspora Film Festival (Q&A with Director)

11/28-London, UK-London Feminist Film Festival (Panel Discussion with Director and Black Feminists UK)

11/21- Bellingham, WA-Western Washington State University (Q&A with Director)

10/24-Glasglow, SCT- Digital Desperados

09/23-Durham, NC-Duke University (Q&A with Director)

09/16-Harlem, NY- Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (Q&A with Melissa Harris Perry and Director)

06/23-Brooklyn, NY-Brooklyn Fireproof (Q&A with Director)

05/23-Brooklyn, NY- I Am A Negress of Noteworthy Talent (Q&A with Director)

04/24: Smith College (Q&A with Director)


10/8-New Orleans, LA-Tulane University (Q&A with Melissa Harris-Perry and Director)

04/30-Boston, MA-Boston University (Q&A with guest speaker, Frances Beal and Director)

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